MattyCollector has updated their facebook page with packaging previews of New Adventures Flogg, Intergalactic Skeletor and Extendar.

Join us after the jump for the pictures, along with some notes on accessories and features for each figure!


Flogg ships in July as the monthly figure and is part of Club Eternia. His helmet is not removable but he does have his signature whip and the “Filmation” version of He-Man’s sword.

MOTU_Classics_Flogg_Package_Front MOTU_Classics_Flogg_Package_Back

Intergalactic Skeletor:

Intergalactic Skeletor is the quarterly variant for Q3 and ships in Aug. He has a removable helment and the battle damaged head of Faker! Plus a cosmic Havoc Staff for beating up He-Man!

MOTU_Classics_Intergalactic_Skeletor_Package_Front MOTU_Classics_Intergalactic_Skeletor_Package_Back


Extendar ships in June as the monthy Club Eternia figure. Also available in limited quantities day-of. He includes a lance, shield and extension parts for his arms, legs, neck and torso. Check out the peace symbol on the neck! Works similar to Tall Star or Mekanek as far as snap and replace.

MOTU_Classics_Extendar_Package_Front MOTU_Classics_Extendar_Package_Back