Toy Fair 2014 has come and gone and we have put together some highlights of the MOTU Classics reveals. Read on after the jump for the full news about Rio-Blast, Club Etheria and more!

A new subscription is being offered starting tomorrow. It will be available for purchase until March 10th.
The theme for this sub will be Princess of Power and will be referred to as the Club Etheria Sub.

Club Etheria (so far):
07/15 Double Mischief (Double Trouble)
08/15 Madam Razz & Broom
09/15 Entrapta
10/15 Light Hope (Sub exclusive figure)
Mystery Accessory: Sweet Bee’s Helmet
2014 Chase Figure: Kowl & Lookee

ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Double_Trouble_Mischief ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Madam_Razz_Broom ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Entrapta ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Light_Hope ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Sweet_Bee_Helmet_mystery_accessory ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Kowl_Lookee

Club Eternia Sub
Rio Blast was shown off as the September figure.
Another secret accessory was also shown off. This time Eldor’s book. Likely we’ll be seeing the Powers of Grayskull wizard in October.

ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Rio_Blast ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Eldors_Book

The next two 2packs of Mini-Masters were shown off.
Pack 3: Stratos & Scareglow
Pack 4: Man At Arms & Faker

ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Mini_Masters_Stratos_Scareglow ToyFair_2014_MOTUC_Mini_Masters_MAA_Faker

That wraps up the MOTU coverage this year. Surprised? Excited? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments!