Famicom Dojo Podcast 75: Xbox One

Last week, Microsoft unveiled their next-generation gaming console, controller, and name. While the “XBONE” jokes are already flying, more is being made of what Microsoft didn’t say at this event than what they did say. (Or did. Or showed.) Which is kind of too bad, because even amongst the crazier ideas (e.g. cloud computing), there were some pretty cool concepts. Oh, and that whole pesky “used games” and “always online” messaging fiasco. Sean welcomes guests Zac Shipley (No Topic Required) and Justin Severson (Powet.TV) to talk about these missteps, try to focus at least a little bit on the positive aspects of the presentation, and speculate about Microsoft’s endgame in the console space, and if the Xbox One will really be “the one”, final console that Microsoft will ever make.

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