It’s not often that Mario’s brother gets the spotlight. The most notable times he was the primary playable character was Luigi’s Mansion, and it’s upcoming sequel. However, the Gamecube cult classic wasn’t the first time Luigi was the star of the show. Nope, that honor belongs to this clunkfest, although many would rather forget about it. Yeah, it has an educational value, but it’s repetitive action and boring gameplay will put kids to sleep.

You play as Luigi. You and Mario go to Bowser’s castle to stop his latest evil scheme when Mario is kidnapped. It’s up to Luigi to rescue him by aimlessly travelling the cities of the world finding out koopas. Each level of the castle basically goes like this: you travel to a world, and you are trapped there because punk ass Luigi can’t get rid of the stupid looking cacti guarding the tube. So he has to run around and try to figure out where he is by collecting landmarks. Once he does, he can call Yoshi to scare off the cactus and exit the world. Rinse, and repeat. So while traditional Mario games feature fun platforming action, Luigi’s first solo outing is a lame-ass scavenger hunt throughout nondescript looking cities. This game received a sorta-sequel called Mario’s time machine which tried to work in some gameplay elements, but it too fell flat. Then again, what would you expect from a Mario game not published by Nintendo?