In our ninth (!) and final part of the KEEP PLAYING: Mass Effect 2 romance series, we take a look at “Kinky Kelly”, and her somewhat Easter Egg romance — which is probably the best in the entire game.

We have a lot more to say about this particular romance option (that isn’t officially a romance option), so keep reading, or watch the entire nine-part series from the beginning after the jump!

KEEP PLAYING: Mass Effect 2 Romance

The Case for Yeoman Kelly Chambers

Apart from not officially being a romance option, the amount of depth and nuance that interaction with Yeoman Kelly Chambers provides is unparalleled in the rest of the Mass Effect series to date.

The player gets to decide just how professional, friendly, or flirtatious the relationship can be, which isn’t the case for any of the official romances, or with any of the other crew NPCs for that matter.

Most other relationships in the Mass Effect games follow story dictates. You grow closer to Joker as a member of your crew because the story demands it, having nothing to do with your totally optional interactions with him. One might say that the romance characters offer the same nuance, but this isn’t really true. FemShep will always come off as overbearing and flirtatious toward Jacob, even if that’s not something your Shepard would do (e.g. she likes the ladies, especially blue-skinned ones). Thane will be so appreciative of FemShep’s company that he can’t help but make romantic overtures as a result, and doesn’t seem to take it well if she doesn’t reciprocate.

You can’t really carry on conversations with these romanceable characters without it furthering the romance goals — in fact, it’s really the only reason you talk to them. Yes, there comes a time when you must choose whether or not to act on what has been going on, but it’s more of a decision not to pull the trigger on the developing chemistry rather than try to have a different relationship altogether.

Kelly, on the other hand, will cast about trying to figure out what your relationship is going to be like, and then respect those boundaries once established. BroSheps beware: not actively returning these advances will forever put you in the “Friend Zone” which, like real life, is essentially impossible to undo. Tell her to “Keep your distance”, and she will do just that. Miss a chance to compliment her, and she’ll forever think of you as “a nice guy”.

Here’s hoping your relationship with Kelly is at least recognized and gets the attention it deserves, and I don’t just mean as a catty quip from Ashley Williams.