Avengers in Fake 3D with Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man

The Wrap reports that the Avengers is now slated to be released in 3D. The movie was previously planned for a 2D release, and was filmed with 2D cameras, meaning once again we will be treated to another sub par post production 3D movie, where all 3D is fabricated as special effects, rather than by actually using a special 3D camera to shoot the film as was done with Tron Legacy, Avatar or Jackass 3D.

Fans of the Avengers are not strangers to Fake 3D. The two latest feature length commercials for the Avengers, Captain America and Thor, were both released in Fake 3D which was done entirely in post production. If you have the choice, use your dollar to choose to watch a Fake 3D movie in 2D whenever possible. If you have no choice, you can always fabricate a device that will simulate the 2D effect. To find out which movies are “real” or “fake” 3D check out realorfake3d.com.

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