Warning: This footage contains major spoilers for Captain America.
Joss Whedon’s big screen team up The Avengers rivals the sequel to The Dark Knight for geek buzz. And since The Dark Knight Rises has a teaser, it fits that we get one for The Avengers.

Fans who saw Captain America were treated to a preview of things to come, as is now Marvel tradition. However as this teaser build off the events of Thor and very greatly off the events of Captain America, I’m embedding the footage after the cut to avoid spoiling anyone. Click at your own risk. The clip actually contains more footage from Captain America than The Avengers which is why I’m being so extra careful.

I will note first that this is NOT the full teaser following Captain America, just a portion of it. So its a teaser for a teaser. That works. If you have any interest in seeing The Avengers, it would be worth it to see Captain America, as its probably the best Marvel Studios movie since the original Iron Man started this march toward the team up 3 years ago.

So there it is, Steve Rogers running in modern New York, and Stark’s “mean swing” line. If you watched this without seeing Captain America or left the theater before the teaser, know that the full thing is about a minute longer with lots of rapid fire shots of the full team, including the debut of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.

Here are some screen grabs from those rapid fire shots showing the characters.