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SDCC 2011: Preview Night – Toynami

Michael Crawford got some great photos of the Toynami booth on Preview night of SDCC 2011. I’ve included some of them for each brand after the break, but if you want to see the full gallery please go check out his site! I’ll be adding pictures from other sites as I find them. Toynami had on display items ranging from Naruto, Bleach, Futurama to some vinyl offerings.

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Futurama Returns November 27

Amazingly, ComiCon is not all movie trailers, toy prototypes, and video game news. Theres also TV news! Well and comics, but I’m talking about TV here. Specifically a TV show thats been off the air far too long: FUTURAMA.

Thanks to the outstanding fan demand, Fox and Comedy Central are bringing the classic back in the form of 4 straight to DVD movies, which will be cut up into a full season of 16 shows for Comedy Central.

The first movie, Bender’s Big Score, will be released on DVD and on Blu-Ray Disc November 27th.

source: TV Squad Comic-Con: Futurama panel report

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