It seems like it’s the year of the handhelds at E3 2011, with Nintendo and Sony both debuting their newest portable poster-children.

“Wii U”

The Wii U isn’t as much of a portable handheld as it is a new console with a portable accessory. It’s controller works in tandem and separate of the Wii console as a sort of super-controller to both interact with Wii games, and act as it’s own Wii screen separate from a television complete with a touch screen. Supposed release of 2012. (and yes, I’ll probably not be the first to make the “weeeee-ooooo” ambulance siren sound effect)

Playstation Vita

Sony’s Playstation Vita looks to be the evolution of the PSP, complete with multiple touch screen capabilities, built-in front and back cameras, multiple motion control axis, and 3G and Wi-Fi in certain models with the “near” function to find other Vita players in the vicinity. It was hinted at a few months ago under the codename “NGP”, but was formally unveiled at E3 this year. Will it it prove to be a more versatile successor to the PSP, or end as a flop like it’s predecessor? We’ll see at the end of 2011 when it releases for around $249US.