A reminder to all Masters of the Universe Classics collectors! Burger King look-a-like King Randor (Club Eternia monthly figure), Teela repaint The Goddess (Bonus figure), and Skeletor (Reissue) will all go on sale today, Tuesday, December 15th, at noon, 12:00 EST. The figures are available exclusively at MattyCollector.com.

Reissue Skeletor features a softer loincloth for better leg articulation and a tighter grip on his left hand so he can grip his havok staff better. I believe his shoulders may have originally been reversed like the original He-Man and those should be fixed in this version.

In tribute to the Skeletor® from the 1984 line, a burst with “The Original” has been added to the front right corner of the package. The Skeletor® figure has the left hand corrected for “tight grip,” the face paint is improved, and the bio has been updated to include Demo-Man™.

Pictures of all three figures are after the break.

Goddess_01 Goddess_02 Goddess_03 Goddess_04 Goddess_05 Randor_01 Randor_02 Randor_04 Randor_06 Randor_07 Skeletor_Reissue_01