We’ve been gawking in the powet forums at much of the art that is surfacing from the “Under The Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” Art Show. There is truly some amazing art on display that pays tribute to the Masters of the Universe franchise. Thats not what this news post is about though. The show opening on Friday was supposed to also host the announcement of one of the Mattel SDCC exclusives, rumored to be a ‘celebrity’ exclusive (whatever that means), but it was not long before MattyCollector updated saying that they were not going to be allowed to show the figure. Fortunately for us, ActionFigureInsider reports the show did not disappoint and Mattel was able to bring some other surprises instead. Evil-Lynn was present and accounted for along with all of her accessories including the previously unseen Screech (repainted falcon; see DCUC Beast Boy, MOTUC Zoar w/ Teela) and a second orb for her staff. Evil-Lynn’s only prior appearance before this was in the exclusive picture in the latest issue of Toyfare.

MOTUC_ArtShow_Evil-Lynn MOTUC_ArtShow_Evil-Lynn_2

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Also present was the surprise figure, Optikk. Hailing from the New Adventures of He-Man, Optikk is the first figure from the series to see inclusion in the line. He will be eyeing a release month of May. It appears that he has a number of recycled limbs from Trap Jaw, but also has a completely new and detailed gun based on the original figure’s weapon.

MOTUC_ArtShow_Optikk1 MOTUC_ArtShow_Optikk3


Finally, also on display were some accessories that teased fans of things to come. The first was a shield that is a dead ringer for that of She-Ra. Next was a purple vial of some sort, likely to be the vial holding the liquid that would permanently disfigure Keldor and force him to become Skeletor. Then there is a shield that looks like He-Man’s but with black rivets and some white where the inset red was. I have no idea to whom that could belong. Finally there was a gold power sword. It is popular belief that this has something to do with Thunder Punch He-Man because the original came with a gold power sword, but we’ve just gotten a He-Man re-release and are about to get a Battle Armor He-Man, so its anyone’s guess what that could be.

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Pictures via Action Figure Insider.