WoG-BoxArtWorld of Goo is yet another independently developed physics-based puzzle game (hey, I just can’t get enough of these), and it was one of the first games available on Nintendo’s WiiWare service. Developed by ex-EA staff members Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, World of Goo can best be described as a cross between Lemmings, Jenga, and a can of Play-Doh. Your goal is to get a group of goo balls to a pipe. You can form the goo into different shapes and connect them into towers, bridges, or whatever else you think can help you solve the level. There are 5 different chapters, each with their own graphical style, theme, and levels. Early on in the game you’ll unlock the “World of Goo Corporation”, which is a bonus level where you use your excess goo balls to try to compete with other players as you attempt to build a bigger tower than everyone else. World of Goo is a fun and whimsical game that can be enjoyed on quite a few platforms. It has received several awards as well, so puzzle gamers will definitely want to check this game out.