More and more, the games Powet plays are $10-$15 add-ons and episodic content. Is this trend wide-spread? Is the era of expensive, disc-based gaming over?

Also, news of the video game world at GamesCom and BlizzCon, reviews of Ponyo, District 9, the new Professor Layton (out today), and more! Also introducing special guest Shaun Hatton of Toronto Thumbs and the 4 Color Rebellion network!

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*“The Original” Sean Corse
*Crazy “wants to date Felicia Day’s avatar” Jaco
*“The Essential” Sindra
*aDam “Not a Shawn” Gardner
*Shaun “The Prawn” Hatton (AKA Megashaun, “Shatton”)


*Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to return?
**Or maybe not: Halcyon sues fincancier Pacificor (08/18)
**Halycon subsidary files for bankruptcy (08/19)
**”I think Kurt Benjamin (the Pacificor employee accused of fraud) is a Terminator fan from the future
that went back to ensure that T5 would never be made by Halycon and McG”

*Bryan Singer set to direct BSG movie
**(“with all those reboots, you’d think the Cylons were running Windows ’95”)

*Blizzcon 2009 says “No Diablo III for 2010”. But yay new Monk Class!

*Fable III Announced by Lionhead at GamesCom. Video

*Transformers 2 DLC announced

*PS3 Slim to be released early September, but does anyone care? Image


*Is the era of expensive disc-based gaming over?
**XBLA/WiiWare titles (along with PSN and Steam) increasingly taking over Cool Beans segment
**iPhone gaming on the rise
**Sustainability of availability versus “brick and mortar” stores – with no need to clear shelf space, does this mean fewer price drops?
**Collectors sets and special controllers become more and more common, physical media gaming becomes MORE expensive

*Is Episodic gaming onto something? In the future, will we consume our games in small bites like television shows, with entire “seasons” of games released later as compilations with special features?
**Fable II going Episodic

Cool Beans

*Ponyo on the Cliff
*District 9

*Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

*Gargoyles and Gargoyles Bad Guys trades (finally) released
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*RotF Scalpel

*Keep Playing: Rewind – Fatal Labyrinth (last week)
*Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li (this week)
*Powet Toys: Leader Class Optimus Prime (next week)
*Powet Alphabet (I, J)
*Toronto Thumbcast Episode 9