Botcon 2008 Exclusive Starscream SoldOut Post Banner

In an unexpected turn of events, the Botcon Exclusive box set has already sold out. While no official word of the sell out has been posted on the site, TFW2005 is reporting this as fact based on an email received from Botcon staff in relation to an inquiry about the box set.

That means for the second year in a row, the Exclusive Box set for the convention has sold out before the last figure(s) had been revealed. This is a surprise considering the rabid anticipation for last year’s set compared to the seemingly lukewarm reception for this year’s set.

The last two figures were revealed shortly after the reported sell out.

First up we have Starscream, whom we previously saw a prototype of here. Its nice to see he’s been given some more paint apps than the prototype shows. That being said, whenever I look at it, all I can think is that Starscream is wearing a Jetfire halloween costume.

Botcon 2008 Exclusive Starscream Alt mode Botcon 2008 Exclusive Starscream Bot mode

Lastly, we have been shown the mini-con, Razorclaw. Razorclaw is a repaint of Overbite from the Classics Mini-con Predator Attack team. That means there are still two more mini-cons from that team to be included in either the at-convention exclusive sets or the preregistration freebie. Rumored to be in the exclusive at-convention sets are a black version of Classics Rodimus with a beard in one set and a repainted Energon Megatron painted in black and silver with blue wings in the other set.

Botcon 2008 Exclusive Razorclaw Alt mode Botcon 2008 Exclusive Razorclaw Bot mode