Botcon 2008 Exclusive Goldbug Post Banner

Today we have for you the robot and vehicle images of Goldbug from the Botcon 2008 Convention exclusive box set of figures. We’ve already posted about Prime in robot mode here and his alt mode here.

Botcon 2008 Exclusive Goldbug robot mode Botcon 2008 Exclusive Goldbug alt mode

Goldbug’s face is colored like his G1 namesake in blue, but the rest of his colors liken him more to the G1 Deluxe Insecticons. Specifically Chop Shop’s general body shape and color scheme.

G1 Goldbug G1 Goldbug cartoon head G1 Deluxe Insecticon Chop Shop

Remember to check out for more information on the exclusives, the convention and all other things Botcon.

Images of G1 Goldbug and Deluxe Insecticons hail from TFU.INFO.