Earlier this week, Ubisoft dropped some new maps on to Xbox Live community for Rainbox Six: Vegas in the form of the Player’s Pack: Black Edition , costing 800 points, not unlike the Red Edition they released back in April. Only one problem: This was supposed to be free.

Rainbow Six Vegas just came out on PS3 with all of the Red & Black content included, so fans obviously cried foul, and rightly so. Ubisoft pulled the download shortly after went up and apologized for the mistake. Its now available for all Xbox Live users completely for free, and the Red Pack will be converted to a free download on July 6. Those who made the ten dollar plunge into Black Edition will be refunded their points… in 8-10 weeks. Oh well, I guess it can’t all be perfect.

I personally just picked up this game a few weeks ago, and if you’re itching for more Gears Of War, R6V is a worthy successor. Intense difficulty, great use of cover for fire fights, and enough sneaky stuff to have fun with, but not so much as to ruin the experience for a run & gun player like myself. I guess I’ll have a lot to dig into with the game this week when I go online.