A news roundup for Guitar Hero Fans

First, on Red Octane’s knowledge database yesterday they accidentally revealed Guitar Hero III is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii this winter. Kotaku has the info before it was pulled from the site.

Good: 9 Tracks from Guitar Hero have been made available on Xbox Live Market Place for Guitar Hero II!
Bad: They’re in three packs of three, costing 500 points each.
Ugly: At this rate, to make the entire songlist of Guitar Hero available, it would cost over 7800 points, $98 US Dollars.
We’re off to a bad start if this is the way it goes, because 47 old songs shouldn’t cost more than a full game of 78 with a guitar. Hopefully future packs won’t be quite as steep, or they’ll balance it with some sponsored content or even brand new songs. Pile this on to the numerous defective guitars, and Guitar Hero on next-gen is off to a rocky start.