New York Comic-ConDay 3 seems to be grinding to a halt, and it’s turned out to be a little bit of a lighter news day for everyone. Here’s the bullet points:

  • Brian K. Vaughan’s Ex Machina will end at issue #50, putting the series at about its halfway mark.
  • Here’s an interesting recap of George Perez‘s panel, where he shares interesting stories, like how he stayed up 72 hours straight to get the original Crisis penciled and finished.
  • Sci-Fi channel and Virgin comics have established a partnership, presumably to get shows into comic form, and comics into show form.
  • Sci-Fi also had a panel dedicated to Battlestar: Galactica, revealing there would be a direct-to-DVD movie, which will actually later air on Sci-Fi. Surprised it isn’t the other way around, but whatever works, I guess. (Thanks to Crazy for pointing this one out.)

If anything more comes in, I’ll be sure to update, but today seems to have petered out a bit. Just for fun, here’s a recap of yesterday’s biggest headlines –

  • Marvel and Top Cow Comics are both currently working on a digital distribution plans for their comics.
  • Marvel announced a Halo ongoing comic, to be written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Alex Maleev.
  • Ultimate delays – Ultimates #13 should be out by May or April (I’m betting not before May), Orson Scott Card is still working on Ultimate Iron Man 2, no release date yet for Ultimates 3, Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk has a completed script for 3 – and almost one for 4.
  • Avengers/Transformers update! Extended details (cast lists, synopsis, etc.) can be found at Newsarama.
  • On the DC side, Dan Didio got flustered and admitted that the Red Robin and Flash in the recent teaser image are Jason Todd and Barry Allen. Everyone else on the panel got mad at him, so this must be pretty important.