DC Teaser Image - Elseworlds BatmanUPDATED – 1/26/2007, 10:47 PM
DC sent out a new teaser image today, coupled with the sentence, “Let the battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction.” It’s unclear exactly what this ties to, but keep reading after the jump for a full shot of the image, and a rundown on the surprisingly shocking characters present for it.


So, first things first. Here’s the image –

DC Teaser Image

So who’s present? Well, running from left to right, we have Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Kyle Raynor (still as Ion?), Donna Troy, Black Canary, Red Robin (from Kingdom Come), Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Arrow, Batman (clearly from an Elseworlds story), Mary Marvel, and what many people are convinced is Barry Allen!

And the dead people in the front row are Blue Beetle, Max Lord, Jade, and The Question. So, The Question’s fate doesn’t look so good, post-52.

Aside from reinforcing the recent revelation that the “the secret of 52 is that the multiverse still exists,” what else can be inferred from this image? Well, it’s tough to say too much, other than that it’s probably NOT related to the upcoming World War III, as Superman and Wonder Woman are supposed to be out of commission for the “missing year.” Also, WWIII is supposed to be where Donna Troy takes on the Wonder Woman mantle.

So, speculate away, folks, and enjoy DC getting the most that they can out of internet buzz.


Newsarama updated today with a hi-resolution version of this image, in this newspost. Aside from a couple minor points – still no ring visible on Kyle (though it could potentially be obscured by the flash of light), the Flash’s eyes are blue which is as close to confirmation as we’ll get on it being Barry, and that’s probably a Phantom Zone Projector by Max Lord’s corpse – there are couple huge deals worth noting, specifically in this chunk of the image. Please note the Legion Flight Ring, and the Atom’s arm.

Oh, and also, Superman’s not crying. He’s just squinting really hard. Or using his X-ray vision on Wonder Woman’s clothes. Well, whatever he’s doing, there aren’t any tears.