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Part of what makes the minimates popular is their play factor. Check out the following link to see entries for a comic cover contest on The entries are very cool and rank high on their geek factor.
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More Marvel
Here is some more information on forthcoming waves of Marvel Minimates.

X3: The Last Stand

The most recent edition of the X-Men movie franchise is slated to be wave 14 of the Marvel Minimates. The wave will include Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Beast, Dark Phoenix, Juggernaut, and the variant transluscent Dark Phoenix.

Minimates X3 All 6 regular figures
Minimates X3 Variant Transluscent Dark Phoenix

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider will consist of 6 figures plus one variant. It will most likely be wave 15 or so and come out after the X3 minimates.

Minimates Ghost Rider and Blackheart
Ghost Rider and Blackheart
Minimates Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze and Mephistopholes
Stunt Show Johnny Blaze and Mephistopholes
Minimates Ghost Rider Roxanne and Caretaker
Roxanne and Caretaker
Minimates Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Variant
Johnny Blaze variant

You will note that of all things, Ghost Rider has no motorcycle to go with his minimate. This is a source of frustration to minimate and Ghost Rider fans alike. One accessory that was included with the wave was a shovel. MinimateHQ has an amusing write up of the top ten things you can do with said shovel.

Here is some more information about the minimate licenses other than Marvel.

Battlestar Galactica

The first wave of modern BSG minimates will be:

Minimates BSG Apollo and Dualla
Apollo and Dualla
Minimates BSG Starbuck and Admiral Cain
Starbuck and Admiral Cain
Minimates BSG Six and Cylon Centurion
Six and Cylon Centurion
VARIANT: Six in Red Dress

Cylon Centurions are going to be released separately and individually along side the regular BSG minimates. Here are the case ratios:

Minimates Modern Cylon Case Asst Minimates Classic Cylon Case Asst

Centurion Case Ratios (limited to 500 cases)

  • 4 x Cylon Centurions
  • 3 x Battle Damaged Cylons
  • 2 x Cylon Command Centurions
  • 2 x Black Stealth Cylons
  • 1 x Battle Damaged Command Centurion


Centurion Case Ratios (limited to 500):

  • 4 x Cylon Centurions
  • 3 x Cylon Cannon Centurions
  • 2 x Battle Damage Cylons
  • 2 x “Valley of Darkness” Cylons
  • 1 x “Downloaded” Cylon

When originally announced the initial wave of the modern BSG minimates had a different line-up including Chief Tyroll and Boomer and also was supplemented with two minimate vehicles similar to the Mach V or Shooting Star from the Speed Racer series. These vehicles were to be modern and classic versions of the Colonial Viper Mk II and the Cylon Raider. You can see these original offerings in this gallery from

These original offerings were brought to the San Diego Comic Con where some of the stars from the show got to see them. Here are a couple of their reactions.

Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyroll)

Grace Park (Sharon/Boomer)


I did a little bit of digging and came across some designs for Kellogg’s branded Minimates. No word on how they will be distributed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were included in cereal boxes or were mail-aways with boxtops.

Here’s Snap, Crackle and Pop:

Kellogg's Minimates Snap Kellogg's Minimates Crackle Kellogg's Minimates Pop

Dig ‘Em:

Kellogg's Minimates Dig em

Ernie the Keebler Elf:

Kellogg's Minimates Ernie

and last but certainly not least, Tucan Sam:

Kellogg's Minimates Tucan Sam

The only mascot for a Kellogg’s brand that I didn’t find was surprisingly Tony the Tiger of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes fame. I’m sure he won’t be far behind though.

Speed Racer
Here are two pictures of the first wave of Speed Racer minimates. The wave consists of Speed with the Mach V and Racer X with the Shooting Star.

Minimates Racer X with the Shooting Star Minimates Racer X with the Shooting Star


There have been a lot of delays for the first waves of DC Minimates, so here are latest release dates for the initial series:

  • DC Direct MiniMates Series 1 – February 2007

    • Green Lantern & Star Sapphire
    • Classic Superman & Armored Lex Luthor
    • Joker & Harley Quinn
    • Modern Batman & OMAC
    • DC Minimates Wave 1
  • DC Direct MiniMates Series 2 – March 2007
    • Power Girl & Dr. Fate
    • Battle Damage Superman & Braniac-13
    • Robin & Penquin
    • Booster Gold & Blue Beetle
    • DC Minimates Wave 2
  • DC Direct MiniMates Series 3 – April 2007

    • Deathstroke & Green Arrow
    • Battle Damage Batman & Killer Croc
    • Aquaman & Ocean Master
    • Wonder Woman & Ares
    • DC Minimates Wave 3
  • DC Direct MiniMates Series 4 – July 2007

    • Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) & Bane
    • Steel & Cyborg Superman
    • Golden Age Flash & Wild Cat
    • Deadman & Spectre
    • DC Minimates Wave 4

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