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10x XP Weekend for Transformers War for Cybertron

It looks like the High Moon Studios are trying to eke out a little more life for Transformers: War for Cybertron. It has been announced that this weekend will be host to yet another XP multiplier event. All applicable multiplayer games will earn ten times the normal amount of XP starting Friday evening lasting through Sunday evening. If you are leveling to unlock Prime Mode or have unlocked it and trying to level your classes back up, this is the perfect opportunity!

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Halo Reach Game Night 9.18.10 is in effect! Sign on to Xbox Live now to play with us!

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Transformers: War for Cybertron Multiplayer goes 5x XP this weekend

Still having trouble maxing out your classes in War for Cybertron? Well worry no more! High Moon studios has announced that they will be kicking up the XP to multiply by a factor of 5 this weekend in multiplayer matches!

Kicking up XP this weekend in MP matches to 5x normal from 6:00pm Friday PST through Sunday. Be sure to get your transform on and level those characters up!

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Halo Reach Launch Misadventures Video

Halo_ReachWhen we took the camera to the Halo: Reach launch, we had no idea what would happen. We almost didn’t get the game! Thankfully we met some cool fans, and had a great time in line.

Don’t miss out on our Halo Reach Game Night this Saturday 9.18.10. Xbox Live Gold is free this week and we’re going to try to get as many credits as possible so we can unlock the best armor for our Noble Spartans!

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Xbox Live Subscriptions Costs Going Up


Bad News: Major Nelson announced this morning that subscription costs for Xbox Live for One, Three, and Twelve month terms are going up. Major Nelson, for the uninformed, is the alias of Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live Director of Programming. You can read the details of the pricing here. Basically a one year subscription was $50, will now be $60.

The $50 annual cost has been in effect since 2002 when the service launched

Here is the good news: Price change doesn’t go effective until November 1, 2010. You have plenty of time to renew or go buy a subscription card at the current rate. As a matter of fact, as of the time of this writing, a one year card is a little less than $40 on Amazon. Heck, if you’re already an active subscriber, Microsoft themselves will renew you for $39.99 via a Price Lock Loyalty program.

Before we all go nuts, some things to keep in perspective: The price increase is $0.83 a month, which is far less than inflation. This price change comes into effect 5 years after this generation’s game systems jumped from $50 to $60 priced new games. Nintendo and Sony may offer free alternatives with online play, but it would be hard to argue that Microsoft hasn’t set the standard and has a far more robust service.

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Red Faction Battlegrounds Announcement Trailer

Some of the more fun parts of Red Faction Guerrilla were driving a car into a building to knock it down. Or hopping in a mech and wrecking the crap out of enemy soldiers forming on your position.

THQ realizes this and has a dandy Xbox Live Arcade and PSN game called Red Faction Battlegrounds that will be out next year.

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Keep Playing: SHOOT 1UP!

With very little cash in hand you can find interesting games hidden on Xbox Live. If you’re not ready to spend $15 on a “Summer of Arcade” title, this is probably your best bet for low budget gaming!

Shoot 1UP is available in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel for only 80 points, thats a dollar!

Developed by Mommy’s Best Games

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Play against the developers of War for Cybertron then take part in Double XP weekend has news that some of the Game Developers from High Moon Studios will be online tonight (7/29) from 9PM EST until Midnight, playing mutliplayer matches on War for Cybertron. Dev Gamertags will be
so send an invite or friend request to one of these gamertags to get in on the action!

This weekend will also play host to the second double XP multiplayer weekend for the game. This will last from Friday at 9PM EST through Monday at 3AM EST. Play any matches during this time and earn double the experience points. This is sure to help any players having trouble racking up those multiplayer achievements based on levels.

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