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Saints Row The Third end sequence references Red Faction Guerrilla

Alec Mason based character in Saints Row The Third

In the end sequence to Saints Row The Third, the boss utters some lines which may sound familiar to some gamers. In fact most of this is word for word from the end sequence of Red Faction Guerrilla. How is it that such utterly different games can share a similar end game speech? Watch the clip to find out, but be warned, it contains spoilers for the end of both games.

This and other similarities exist because both games were developed by Volition.

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Powetcast 101: What Sorcery Is This?

Zac, aDam, and Ernie talk ponder the eternal question: What sorcery is this? Sorcery in this episode includes: Thundercats, Wonder Woman, 3DS, Red Faction, and of course Transformers.

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Red Faction Origins Trailer

Editor’s note: I did not choose the thumbnail for the embedded video.

THQ’s Red Faction is being made into a SyFy Channel movie that may become an original series. We first heard about this a year ago, but its finally going to air in June 4.

This definitely looks like a Syfy original, which might not be a bad thing. Hopefully this movie and the next Red Faction title both live up to the seriously awesome and fun Red Faction Guerilla that came out in 2009.

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Red Faction Battlegrounds Announcement Trailer

Some of the more fun parts of Red Faction Guerrilla were driving a car into a building to knock it down. Or hopping in a mech and wrecking the crap out of enemy soldiers forming on your position.

THQ realizes this and has a dandy Xbox Live Arcade and PSN game called Red Faction Battlegrounds that will be out next year.

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Red Faction Armageddon! Get Your Ass To Mars!

redfactionarmageddonThe follow up to 2009’s best open world game, Red Faction Armageddon takes the destruction underground. You’ll play Darius Mason, the grandson of Red Faction Guerilla’s Alec Mason.

Game is coming March 2011, so you’ve got 9 months to camp outside your favorite retailer before you can take the deadly Nano Forge / Sledgehammer combo to some underground alien settlements. Oh yeah, this is the fourth game in the series and the first to actually include Martians.

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