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$20 Game of the Week: Gigantic Army (PC)


If you had a Super Nintendo, you might vaguely remember Konami’s sleeper hit, Cybernator. In that game, players took control of a mech as they bought untold amounts of destruction upon the enemy. Gigantic Army, developed by Astro Port, seems to be a spiritual successor to Konami’s classic. Once again, players take control of a mech as they bring untold amounts of destitution upon an enemy. Before you begin the game, you select a basic loadout for your mech. You also have a shield, jetpack, and a melee weapon. While most of the game’s enemies are pushovers, the real challenge comes in conserving HP as you battle the game’s larger-than-life bosses. Also, a timer constantly counts down, forcing players to always be on the move. This insures that the action is chaotic and frantic at all times. The story (not that there is much of one) is told through diary entries in between levels. If you’re a fan of 16-bit gaming, you’ll want to check this game out. It’s on sale on steam for only $2.99, so check it out.

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$20 Game of the Week: Hack Slash Loot (PC)

In case the title didn’t clue you in, this independently developed game is a throwback to RogueLike RPGs of the past. Taking control of one of several classes (many of which are unlockable), you take on several quests through randomly generated dungeons. As the title implies, you’ll hack and slash monsters while looting goods. The controls are simple, as mouse clicks pretty much control everything. The game however, is not. You’ll die often. It’s fair to warn you upfront. If you think those games that Adam listed in this week’s Top 5 were hard, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Even so, this is an addictive kind of fun that only makes you want to press on even more with each defeat. It’s available for cheap on Steam, so check it out.

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