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Powetcast 153, No Topic Required -1

NTR-1I had to start thinking about how the new show would be sent to iTunes and the description I submitted was “A freight train of $#!+ without brakes” and needless to say I don’t have an iTunes feed yet.

This week we seek a friend for the end of the world, answer listener requests, and head to the minus would. Special Guest: Ernie!

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Promo

AMC has released a new promo for Season 2 of The Walking Dead, which premiers October 16, 2011.

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SDCC 2011: New Info from the Walking Dead Game

If you’re s survival horror and zombie buff like I am, chances are you know about Image Comics’ “The Walking Dead” series. You might even be on of the newcomers that hopped on-board the undead train when TWD became a tv series on AMC. However, did you know if was getting a video game too?

This may be a good or bad thing, given the heavy use of the zombie genre these days, but The Walking Dead has alot of brand-name weight behind it, and Telltale Games (known for doing the recent Back to the Future game) is bringing it to the interactive stage. Though it still has no clear release date for the game other that Q4 2011, here is some info on it’s content courtesy of Rely on Horror.

You’ll be faced with choices to make regarding who to save and who to leave behind, ideally you would expect this to lead to some harsh consequences especially if the person you opted to leave behind ends up living and confronting you once again. This is exactly going to be the case in the game and this will prove to be quite an incentive for multiplay play-throughs, seeing as how every one will have you with different survivors.

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Toy Fair 2011: Pre Toy Fair Announcement of Walking Dead action figure line

Looks like McFarlane Toys dug deep and managed to score themselves the Walking Dead license. MTV Geek got the exclusive. Two lines will be released, one for the comic book series and one for the AMC TV series. The figures will be in the 6 inch scale. Human figures will have what sounds like limited articulation with some interchangable accessories. Zombie figures will have action features like interchangable body parts and ‘exploding heads’. It doesn’t sound like there will be any articulation on the Zombies, which is just a lost opportunity.

The full presser is after the break.

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SDCC 2010: The Walking Dead TV Series

AMC Showed several minutes of the The Walking Dead, and even though this is shaky-cam footage, it looks extremely faithful to the comic series.
We may be looking at the best new show of the next year, geeks. A weekly zombie series!


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