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Movie Posters: Ant-Man

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SDCC 2014: Marvel releases Ant-Man teaser poster


Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive reveal of a new poster from Marvel showcasing the Ant-Man film currently in production.
The poster was made specifically for SDCC 2014 by Andy Park, a member of Marvel’s visual development department. Paul Rudd is featured as Scott Lang, the main character of the movie. Scott steals the Ant-Man suit and technology from its creator, Hank Pym, portrayed by Michael Douglas.

The film has seen some rough waters recently as Director and Co-Writer of the film, Edgar Wright, has left the project after eight years of involvement. Peyton Reed has been brought on to fulfil the direction gap, while Adam McKay, of Anchorman fame, will be helping with a script rewrite.

Hopefully, we will be hearing more about the film as the weekend progresses. Stay tuned for more!


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Powetcast 153, No Topic Required -1

NTR-1I had to start thinking about how the new show would be sent to iTunes and the description I submitted was “A freight train of $#!+ without brakes” and needless to say I don’t have an iTunes feed yet.

This week we seek a friend for the end of the world, answer listener requests, and head to the minus would. Special Guest: Ernie!

Listen live on this page, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.
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