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Movie Posters: Expendables 3

Join us after the break for more posters and the trailer!
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Movie Posters: Bullet to the Head

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First Dredd 3D trailer leaked

The trailer for the new Judge Dredd film Dredd 3D featuring Karl Urban leaked this morning from what appears to be its debut on G4’s Attack of the Show. Word has it that the official trailer will go up later today. We will update this post with the higher quality version once it surfaces.

This outting for Judge Dredd already looks to be an improvement upon Sylvester Stallone’s take on the character. Word has it that Karl Urban won’t even be removing his helmet at all in the movie, which would be more faithful to the comic origins of the character. So far based on this trailer, I’m cautiously optimistic.

[UPDATE – I changed the video to the HD official trailer]

Check out the film’s synopsis after the jump.

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The Expendables 2 trailer

Looks like the cast of The Expendables will be expanding for the sequel!

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