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The Terminator is Coming to WWE2K16

WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator will be this year’s preorder bonus for WWE2k16, enabling everyone to finally fulfill their dream of putting Randy Orton against a killer robot from the future. He’ll be joining Alexia Bliss, Page, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor, and Daniel Bryan as one of 120+ unique characters who will be in this year’s game. One superstar who won’t be a part of this year’s game is Terry Bolla, a.k.a Hulk Hogan due to the events of this past weekend. Stone Cold Steve Austin is this year’s cover athlete, and there are rumors that the game’s main mode will center around him and the attitude error. This will most likely mean that the game’s Showcase mode, introduced in WWE 2k15, will probably have a section centered around him. Of course this is all speculation, as more info on this year’s game, including it’s roster, will be revealed later on this year, usually around Summerslam. The game itself is scheduled to hit stores on October 27 of this year.

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Movie Posters: Terminator Genisys

More posters and the trailer after the jump!
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Movie Posters: Expendables 3

Join us after the break for more posters and the trailer!
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Movie Posters: The Last Stand

I started this column because I really enjoy the diversity and potential for artistic creativity in movie posters (even if most nowadays are a photoshop disaster), but I have received a few requests to start including a movie trailer for each of these posts. Starting today, I will be including it after the jump for anyone who wants more info on the movie.
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Red Band Trailer: The Last Stand


The Last Stand is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first major film since leaving the office of Governor of California. He portrays small town sheriff, Ray Owens enjoying his day off, when a high profile drug kingpin comes through town trying to cross the border to Mexico.

I put the video after the jump because it had autoplay enabled. My favoritest feature in all the internet.

This feels very much along the lines of a classic Schwarzenegger movie. What will really be interesting is if such a film can compete in the modern box office.
The Last Stand comes to theaters on January 18th.

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The Expendables 2 trailer

Looks like the cast of The Expendables will be expanding for the sequel!

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The Governator Trailer

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first post-politics project, his big return to the world of entertainment is… a children’s TV series. It was revealed last week, but I was sure it was an April Fools prank.

Now here is the cover of Entertainment Weekly and a completely ridiculous trailer where the action star turned governor turns into a super hero. Watch him talk to Larry King and fight Transformers to The Black Eyed Peas.

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Darth Schwarzenegger

George Lucas thought David Prowse didn’t sound imposing enough while filming Star Wars and had James Earl Jones overdub all the lines. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become a star until several years later, but there is little doubt his voice is one of the most recognizable in cinema.

If only these two could be combined…

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