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SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show Lineup

One publisher’s game list for one trade show shouldn’t be a big deal, but as a fan of several dormant Sega series, I’m making it a big deal. Xbox360Rally has a list of games Sega will supposedly announce and display at Tokyo Game Show.
Stuff we’ll be happy to see again: Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, House Of The Dead, and Sega Rally.
Stuff you never expected to see again: Shenmue I, II, and III, Fighter’s Megamix, Virtual Fighter Kids, and Chu Chu Rocket!

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Sonic Turns “Sweet Sixteen”

Sonic!Over this past weekend, a milestone was hit when Sonic the Hedgehog officially turned 16 years old. Sega’s mascot has been a teenager for some time now, but still has quite a rich reputation that he’s brought to the table in the gaming world, along with bringing a few friends with him for the ride on the gaming rollarcoaster.

What does this mean in terms of what is going to happen in the future for the blue speed-demon? Well, lets first recap on our beloved hedgehog’s life thus far.
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Sonic VS Mario… At the Olympics?

The video game crossover you’ve waited your entire life for is now a reality.

Mario and Sonic will finally compete on the Wii and Nintendo DS… on a game licensed by the Olympics.

I’m speechless. Official site is up. If we don’t get Sonic in Smash Bros now, I’ll be real mad.

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