Last night, Sony held its big press conference. Sony, along with various third party developers, had quite a few surprises this year. Sony showed off a lot of console exclusives, or at least timed exclusives, ending with gameplay footage from Uncharted 4. So what’s with the picture of Ryo Hazuki? During the conference, Yu Suzuki announced his desire to create Shenmue 3 on PC and PS4. However, if fans wanted it, they’d have to help fund it by way of a Kickstarter that went up during the show. The Kickstarter reached $1 million within 9 hours and as of this morning, is close to 2.5 Million. It’s safe to say, fans will finally be seeing the last installment to the Shenmue Trilogy. There were more amazing things that came out of the press conference as well. While I’m not gonna go over everything, below are the bigger footnotes.
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