In the past several years, retro games have been making a comeback via various “Plug ‘n’ Play” devices pre-loaded with a selection of classic titles. Sega, Atari, and SNK have all released mini-consoles featuring a selection of titles from a company’s past. Surprisingly, Nintendo has now thrown its hat into the ring with the NES Classic Edition, a device containing 30 classic first and third party games from the NES era. Designed as a small version of the original NES, the game will contain HDMI hookups and a controller that’s a replica of the NES original. Players can pick up another controller for $9.99, and they have the option of using the classic controller or the classic controller pro. The mini-console won’t have any kind of internet connectivity (meaning the 13 included games are all that you’re getting), but the mini console will support emulator-style save states. The console will be available for $59.99 this November. Click after the jump to see the full list of games included with the device.
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