The sleeper hit of last year, the critically acclaimed reboot of Red Faction is being developed for the cable channel Syfy (formerly SciFi).

Red Faction deals with post colonization of Mars in 2120 when natural resources for Earth have been depleted and the citizens of Mars are forced into servitude and slavery to the Earth Defense Force. The minors and workers form their own revolutionary group, the Red Faction, and begin targeting the operations of their unwelcome captors in the name of a free Mars.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, SyFy intends to produce Red Faction as a movie event first, which if successful will be expanded into a regular series.

In addition, THQ’s sequel to Red Faction Guerrilla will be co-produced with SyFy Games, furthering the channel’s long term commitment to the series.

Red Faction Guerrilla as a game was a real blast, knocking down buildings with all manner of explosives or just using your sledgehammer. Unfortunately the story is a little weak, but the universe has a lot of potential especially if the producers want to get daring and relate the conditions on Mars to current day events. We’ll have to keep an eye on who lines up to write and star in the show to see.