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Lost Classics: Nightmare Creatures (PC, PS1, N64)

Developed by Kalisto Entertainment and published by Activision, Nightmare Creatures is a gory action thriller that predates games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Taking control of either priest Ignatius Blackward or hot chick Nadia Franciscus as you try to stop cult leader Adam Crowley from taking over London with an army of superhuman monsters. Both characters have a primary weapon as well as a selection of sub weapons they can use. An adrenaline meter constantly ticks away and requires you to keep killing monsters in order to keep it filled, or else you start losing health. While this mechanic doesn’t seem necessary, it does make things challenging and forces you to keep it moving. While its polygonial graphics are dated, the bloody action will keep players hooked even today. A sequel was released a few years later. A third entry in the series was planned for Gamecube, Playstation 2, and Xbox, but plans fell through and development was scrapped. I’m surprised that it has yet to show up on the Playstation Network store or even If any game from the past deserves a second chance, it’s this horror classic.

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Maximum Letdown: Independence Day (PS1, PC, Sega Saturn)

15 years ago, moviegoers packed theaters to watch Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day, a movie in which a group of pilots team up to fight off an alien invasion. The movie was nothing short of an epic in its day. Sadly, the obligatory movie tie-in video game was no where near as epic. Basically its a screw up of a flight simulator with repetitive missions, crappy play control, and worse flying physics. You fly around each level, take out all the enemies, then destroy the enemy superweapon in 45 seconds, rinse, and repeat. At least you can unlock new planes, but they play like crap too. Oh, and there’s a Will Smith soundalike! So yeah, this game’s a bust. You want to battle aliens while flying around? Go play some Star Fox.

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