Let’s face it: our world is disappointing. We have to pay taxes out the tuckus. We have to work 40+ hour weeks to make ends meet. We have corrupt politicians screwing us over on a daily basis. We have the Westboro Baptists and other fanatics maintaining the status quo. Our world sucks, and it’s just made worse by the fact that we’re told by scientists that the possibility of alternate realities exist. Realities where the slightest divergence in fate can turn you from a pencil-pushing cubicle jockey to the president of Club Awesome.

These are those divergences from our every-day knowns that make us wonder “Why the heck couldn’t I have been born into THAT world?” Where you could be a superhero/villain or leader of a alien rebel militia or a tech-genius millionaire with hot chicks/dudes/whatever just hanging off of you at every turn. Those are the alternate universes that we wish some slight change in the timestream had set us on the path to becoming our every-day norm, for good or for ill.

Mostly for the good, thought. If not the awesome.

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