Let’s face it: our world is disappointing. We have to pay taxes out the tuckus. We have to work 40+ hour weeks to make ends meet. We have corrupt politicians screwing us over on a daily basis. We have the Westboro Baptists and other fanatics maintaining the status quo. Our world sucks, and it’s just made worse by the fact that we’re told by scientists that the possibility of alternate realities exist. Realities where the slightest divergence in fate can turn you from a pencil-pushing cubicle jockey to the president of Club Awesome.

These are those divergences from our every-day knowns that make us wonder “Why the heck couldn’t I have been born into THAT world?” Where you could be a superhero/villain or leader of a alien rebel militia or a tech-genius millionaire with hot chicks/dudes/whatever just hanging off of you at every turn. Those are the alternate universes that we wish some slight change in the timestream had set us on the path to becoming our every-day norm, for good or for ill.

Mostly for the good, thought. If not the awesome.

Marvel: Exiles

Why choose one alternate reality when you can chose SEVERAL alternate realities. Marvel’s Exiles comic had an ever-changing team of mutants and other heroes who jumped from reality to reality, fixing problems or just making slight alterations that change the course of things to come. It’s not even a matter of “Why wasn’t my X gene activated” at that point, more as it’s “Why do I have to limit myself to one reality where my X gene IS activated?” Plus, Age of Apocalypse Blink and Nightcrawler’s alternate daughter Nocturne in skantily-clad outfits and a slew of other attractive variations of your favorite mutants and marvel characters. How can you go wrong? (well, except for the constant switching of the team roster, but we never said it was a perfect reality)

So if you ever got bored of one reality, just wait a little while. The next new and exciting (or dangerous) one is just a little ways away and you can do it all over again.

Lets sum things up – Giant Robot Mobile Suits. There. That’s all you need. The classic giant robot motif lends itself to a lot of wishful thinking on the parts of anime and robot nerds everywhere, and for good reason. Gundam was what really helped make the idea of giant suits of robotic armor be able to be piloted by normal people with some training a desirable reality to be a part of.

The thing about Gundam is that you have multiple universes to choose from. Do you want to go classic Universal Century, or change things up with After Colony? Do you want to be a Mobile Fighter, or a specialized Newtype? How about Federation or Zeon pilot? There is a diverse abundance to be had with the different Gundam continuities that each have something unique about them in different ways that make them all something to covet, but one thing is universal amongst all of the realities. GIANT. GODDAMN. ROBOTS.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, you had the concept of “zones” that you traversed in order to continue your quest against Robotnik. Did you know, however, that each zone is it’s own pocket dimension? From Green Hill Zone to Metropolis Zone to Sandopolis Zone, the planet Mobius has several splinter zones that you could access through giant ring portals.

The great thing about having these zones is that you had almost unfettered access to a variety of different environments and climates. Looking to do some snowboarding? Hit up Ice Cap Zone and have fun on the fresh powder! Want to go to someplace a bit warmer? Bask in front of the lovey magma pools at Lava Reef Zone! Wish to lounge amongst the clouds? Sky Sanctuary Zone is the place for you! There are endless possibilities! (Sometimes even past and future versions as well, for some extra variety!) Just ignore that fat guy in the flying pod trying to through robots at you. He’s a jerk.

Another instance of travel all over dimensions across space and time. But honestly, there’s one thing that makes this reality special. No, it’s not the hotness of the Mallory brothers.

The (goddamn)Professor, Maximillian P. Arturo.

What more do you need? Having the honor of sliding with a wise, caring (if overbearing) mentor who has a distinctive voice that seems to emulate several different other individuals, and bares an uncanny resemblance to a dwarf of another world. Awesome. Enough said.

Mighty Max
Well who wouldn’t want a magic hat that transports you all over the world, and sometimes other worlds, at a whim? Mighty Max gave us the concept of a portal-creating “key” in the form of a, well, ballcap. While not the most conventional in personal-transportation, it still would make traveling for vacations a breeze. Living in New York but want to visit your buddies in Seaatle without paying the huge plane fees and take 8 hours to get there. ZAP! Portal made and suddenly you’re there! It might not be the most fashionable, but it beats going through security and having to take off your shoes and belt just to be sat next to some other plane passenger’s screaming kid.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to travel around with a viking badass like Norman? Hell yes!