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Powetcast Episode 31: Pokewalker, Monster Ranger


Back into the swing of things after PAX with news… and Cool Beans? Find out what you’ve been missing on LOST, what you can expect in Doctor Who, and just what the heck a Pokewalker is for, anyway.

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(Did you go to Anime Boston or Boston Comic Con? Enjoying the direct of LOST or Doctor Who this year? Do you have a Pokewalker? Leave a shout out below!)

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Pokémon Trainer in Super Smash Bros Brawl

Having Pikachu on hand and dozens of Pokémon in balls as items just wasn’t enough. Now we’re getting a Pokémon Trainer as a playable character!

True to Pokémon games, he doesn’t do any actual fighting, he merely commands Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard in battle. You can switch out between the 3 characters at will, but they share damage. Balancing the 3 will part of the challenge. Are they still allowed to use Pokéballs?

From Smash Bros Dojo: Pokémon Trainer

Oh, and before I forget, there is a Canadian Best Buy flyer showing Sonic with the cast of Smash Bros. Fact, Fiction, or just Wishful Thinking?

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on DS

poke16.jpgThe first clear screenshots of the much anticipated new portable Pokemon have hit the web courtesy GameWatch.
While it doesn’t look like a significant grahpical upgrade from the GBA versions (which themselves weren’t a very big jump from the original Game Boy), 3D elements and some mode 7-type effects will be present in the gameplay.
This will be the first Pokemon title to go online, but details of that feature are still under wraps. Bulbanews reports that any pokemon you caught on your GBA games can be transferred to the new DS title after you meet certains goals,
The official site has also been updated with screens, art, and more info.
I’d tell you more, but this whole page is in Japanese… a translation should be around sooner or later.

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