2D_Terraria-WiiU_PEGI small

Re-Logic and 505 Games announced that the Metroid meets Minecraft meets city builder hit Minecraft will FINALLY be hitting the Wii U and Nintendo 3ds early next year. With the recent Mac and Linux beta, this will make the game available in just about every currently format. For the uninitiated, Terraria puts players in a 2D world in which they must mine and gather materials to construct buildings, weapons, and items. Non-player characters can move into the buildings you create and deal you various services, and various enemies will appear as you explore the randomly generated land. No doubt the dual-screen format of the NDS and Wii U will allow the game to have an experience that is very close to the original PC, which was released over 4 years ago. My how time flies! You can learn more about the Wii U and 3DS versions from the developers themselves by clicking here.