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Marvel Announces Marvel Universe MMO

Marvel Universe MMO

Last night at a press event Marvel announced a free to play Marvel Universe MMO developed by Secret Identity Studios. The game is being written by award winning Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis. There is no release date set for the game yet, and currently it is only announced for PC with consoles TBD.

Not a lot of details are available yet, but it was revealed that players will be able to play as existing Marvel characters, instead of new characters that players create like in DC’s recently released DCU Online. It was also revealed that the main villain of the game will be Dr. Doom.

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New Trailer for DC Universe Online

We saw the last DC Universe Online Trailer way back during SDCC 2010 and it really blew our socks off.

This new one is also pretty crazy. You’ll recognize Lex Luthor right away, but that mysterious helper threw me for a loop. Future Luthor is an interesting character!

Any readers taken a dip into this new MMO? What do you think? Are you on PC or PS3?

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