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Iron Man 2 Minimates revealed, give hints at movie

IronMan2_Minimates_Wave 35

Diamond Select Toys had a huge reveal showcasing the upcoming 2 assortments of minimates associated with the highly anticipated Iron Man 2 movie. With the exception of one ‘high-flying armor-clad character’ all of the Wave 35 figures were revealed. It was also mentioned that the Hammer Drones were featured briefly in the trailer where Iron Man and War Machine had to fight an entire squad. I’m assuming the final armor clad character is going to be the final big bad in the movie, but only time will tell.

The line-up is as follows:
Pepper Potts w/ Army Builder Hammer Drone
Happy Hogan w/ Army Builder Hammer Drone
Iron Man
War Machine
as yet unnamed armored character (Titanium Man? Crimson Dynamo?)

Single packed figures in display box: (think cylon centurions)
Air Assualt Drone
Ground Assault Drone
Sea Assault Drone
Tactical Assault Drone
Justin Hammer
Battle Damaged Hammer Drone

IronMan2_AirAssault_Drone IronMan2_GroundAssault_Drone IronMan2_SeaAssault_Drone IronMan2_TacticalAssault_Drone IronMan2_Justin_Hammer IronMan2_BD_Hammer_Drone IronMan2_SinglePacks

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Original X-Men, X-Factor and 90’s X-Men finally get the Minimate treatment

Action Figure Express will be offering up two exclusive box sets of Marvel Minimates soon. A silver age X-Men box set and an original X-Factor team box set. The Angel for both teams will actually be available in an upcoming wave of Marvel Minimates as both the regular figure and the chase for that wave. Marvel Minimates wave 34 was also announced and paying big respect to the 90’s X-Men in the form of Rogue, Beast, Jean Grey and Cyclops. Also in the wave is Jean as the Black Queen with Selene, the Black Queen as the variant. The troop builder figure (figure packaged with the chase figure and regular version of the chase) will be a Hellfire Guard.

Whats the most important revelation of Marvel Minimate Wave 34 and these box sets? A wave with no Wolverine or Spiderman!

Pictures after the jump!

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Marvel Minimates Wave 33 announced

Diamond Select Toys has announced the 33rd wave in the Marvel Minimates line of figures. This wave is set to include the following:

Modern Thor & Modern (and female) Loki
Menace & Anti-Venom (both from New Ways to Die storyline)
Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers) & Sentinel
VARIANT: “Hound” Rachel Summers & Sentinel

Also in the announcement was this tidbit:

In addition to the standard removable and interchangeable pieces, the Sentinel army builder featured in this wave will also include a special “Sentinel Army” design feature – allowing you to partially customize your own Sentinel Squad in either modern or retro styles.

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Terminator 2 Minimates to bring about cutest Judgement Day yet

I reported on some leaked control art for Terminator 2 minimates a while back. We have some more details on them now from Minimate Headquarters.

There are two separate assortments to begin. The first is a case of single-packed minimates consisting of 5 different terminators with a rare chase figure of General John Connor. This was the control art that we had seen previously. This is more or less the same treatment the Battlestar Galactica Minimates got with the single-boxed Cylons.
The different Terminators include:
T-800 Endoskeleton
T-800 Endoskeleton Battle Damaged with Gatlin Gun
T-800 Half Human Terminator
T-1000 Cop
and our rare variant General John Connor
(see group shot after the jump)

The second assortment will be the first wave in an ongoing line of Terminator 2 themed minimates (pictured above). The wave will include:
Terminator (T800) & John Connor
Final Battle T1000 & Battle Damage Sarah Connor
Endoskeleton & Battle Damage T800
VARIANT: Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese
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Marvel Minimates Waves 25 and 26 and possibly Terminator 2 Minimates announced

Line ups have been announced for the next 2 waves of Marvel Minimates.

Series 25
(New) Captain America & Red Skull
Red Hulk & Ska’ar
Iron Man & AIM Agent
VARIANT: “Bolt-Face” Iron Man & AIM Agent

Series 26
Wolverine & Deadpool
Gambit & Psylocke
Sabretooth & Skrull
VARIANT: First Appearance Sabretooth & Skrull

It was mentioned that there were going to be Army Builder figures in these waves, but I am extremely diappointed to see they won’t be packaged together. So if you want two 3 AIM Agents, you have to have 3 Iron Men. As if we didn’t have enough already. At least they aren’t packaged with Wolverine.

While not officially announced, there seems to be some control art (and pre-order pages) floating about the inter-tubes for the Terminator 2 license, prior to which was unknown to even be held by Diamond Select.

Images and News from the newly revamped Minimate Headquarters.

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Minimates enter the War Zone

Diamond Select Toys has announced the next box set of minimates will commemorate the upcoming Marvel Comics’ Punisher: War Zone. From DST’s site:

Marvel Minimates Enter War Zone!

Looks like Minimates are about to enter a War Zone of their very own! Based on this year’s Marvel sequel, the Punisher returns to the Marvel Minimates line with this Punisher: War Zone Minimates Box Set!

Due out on December 5, Punisher: War Zone reunites us with Frank Castle – this time played by Rome’s Ray Stevenson – as he embarks on a war of his own against his new nemesis, Jigsaw. Up against the Punisher is mob boss Jigsaw and a literal army of hired goons, thugs and mercenaries dedicated to wiping out the Punisher once and for all!

This set contains Frank Castle, Jigsaw, Assault Punisher and a Mob Thug as well as a wide array of damage-dealing high-powered weaponry perfect for those pesky Minimate mob wars. Each of the two-inch Minimates were sculpted and designed by Art Asylum and feature 14 points of articulation as well as accessories from the upcoming film.

Look for this set in the October issue of Previews at your local comic book store!

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More Marvel and Star Trek Minimates on the way

Yeoman Rand deserves a Real Doll.

Alter Ego Comics
has news that Star Trek Minimates will be getting a fifth wave or figures in the form of:
“Trouble with Tribbles” Kirk & Yeoman Rand (!)
Captain Decker & Lieutenant Ilia from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Captain Sisko & Gul Dukat
VARIANT: Commander Sisko

Gamora who?

DST also had news for Marvel Minimate fans:

Fans of DST’s Marvel Minimate universe will be pleased to learn that the next assortments of their favorite super heroes are heading their way later this year! Series 23 and 24 will feature all-new characters, villains and costumes, making these assortments a must-have for any Marvel fan!

Series 23 will contain several two-packs featuring characters taken from the past twenty years of Marvel history. Nova will be paired with Gamora, Cloak will team up with Dagger and the Spymaster will take on War Machine in this all-star lineup. The variant War Machine featuring Jim Rhodes will also be available as a limited chase figure.

With the ongoing success of the Amazing Spider-Man, it was only a matter of time before his villains got their due as Minimates! Series 24 will feature two-packs consisting of Spider-Man & Shocker, Cosmic Spider-Man & Transformation Venom, “Back in Black” Spider-Man & Kraven and the limited Tarantula variant. Additional pieces will also be included for transforming Transformation Venom into Eddie Brock and each Spider-Man into Peter Parker.

With fans clamoring for more characters and plans ramping up to continue the Minimate line well into the future, be sure to stick around for more updates as the summer convention season begins!

Source: MinimatesHQ

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Battlestar Galactica: Razor minimates announced

Minimates BSG Razor Design Art Post BannerMinimates BSG Razor Design Art 2 Post Banner

DST has posted some news about a forthcoming wave of BSG minimates. The wave will be based on characters from the BSG: Razor movie. Here is an excerpt from the article:

While the exact mix is yet to be revealed, several different Minimates will be included in each case – featuring the following designs and a few surprises:

Cylon Pilots & Cylon Warriors – These silver Cylon Centurions were seen attacking the Colonies in several Battlestar Galactica: Razor flashbacks.

Cylon Commanders – The gold versions of these Cylons seem to have a higher capacity for battlefield tactics and guerilla warfare.

Pegasus Six – This version of Six was discovered by Kendra Shaw as it was boarding the Battlestar Pegasus. Her exact mission is unknown, thanks to Kendra’s quick thinking and deadly aim.

Freefall Cylon – This Cylon Centurion continued its pursuit of a young William Adama even after its raider was destroyed – resulting in an action-packed freefall recreated with this Minimate.

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