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DST has posted some news about a forthcoming wave of BSG minimates. The wave will be based on characters from the BSG: Razor movie. Here is an excerpt from the article:

While the exact mix is yet to be revealed, several different Minimates will be included in each case – featuring the following designs and a few surprises:

Cylon Pilots & Cylon Warriors – These silver Cylon Centurions were seen attacking the Colonies in several Battlestar Galactica: Razor flashbacks.

Cylon Commanders – The gold versions of these Cylons seem to have a higher capacity for battlefield tactics and guerilla warfare.

Pegasus Six – This version of Six was discovered by Kendra Shaw as it was boarding the Battlestar Pegasus. Her exact mission is unknown, thanks to Kendra’s quick thinking and deadly aim.

Freefall Cylon – This Cylon Centurion continued its pursuit of a young William Adama even after its raider was destroyed – resulting in an action-packed freefall recreated with this Minimate.