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Smash Bros DLC Confirmed


Yesterday, we reported on a leak of possible new DLC for Smash Bros. This leak included everything from new costumes, to new characters, to new levels. We’re happy to report that not only is the DLC official, but it’s now available. The new content was revealed as part of Nintendo’s live Smash Bros stream this morning. Basically Smash Bros players can now get 7 new Mii Fighter Costumes (including Jacky and Akira from Virtua Fighter), a classic Smash Bros stage, and 3 new characters, including Ryu from Street Fighter. There is even a free Miiverse Plaza stage available. Click below to see the prices. The stream also revealed that several new amiibo will be released this fall, including R.O.B, Mr. Game and Watch, and Falco.
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Kotobukiya Mega Man (ROCKMAN) model kits; Roll and Protoman too!

Sometime around March of this year, news came out that Kotobukiya would be putting out a line of model kits in Japan based on characters from the Mega Man series. I hadn’t heard about it until recently when Roll was announced. The kits are molded in the appropriately colored plastic, so no paint should be required. Articulation looks to be excellent, in addition to many accessories including extra hands, faces, etc. While this wasn’t on my radar before, it certainly is now. Mega Man was the first kit in the line. Roll and Protoman are to follow.


It looks like Mega Man is currently on sale with pre-orders for Roll and Protoman expected to ship sometime around late December 2010 and late January 2011, respectively.

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