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$20 Game of the Week; Spore (PC, MAC)

Spore was perhaps Will Wright and Maxis’ most ambitious game to date. Although it wasn’t perfect, it’s level of customization is rivaled only by Maxis’ other big franchise, The Sims. While it may have caught some heat with the whole creationism vs evolution debates, a key part of its gameplay is how things evolve over time. Like Enix’s EVO from nearly 2 decades prior, Spore’s big hook is that it makes a controversial subject such as evolution a fun part of the gameplay.
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Bungie Studios Turns 20 With Hour Long Documentary

The developers of Marathon, Myth, and Halo game series have turned 20!
Bungie Studios has had the bittersweet duty of handing over the Halo franchise officially this week to Microsoft’s internal Halo team, 343 Industries. Now is a great time to get acquainted with the team as they embark on their next big action game (which is still a total secret, but definitely coming to PS3 and XBox 360).
They’ve put together a 55 minute documentary on their history, worth a watch if you’re a fan of any of their games or you just want to see how a company can go from a few guys in an apartment to one of the biggest and most powerful in the industry.

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Team Fortress 2 Is Now Free To Play

Team Fortress 2, Valve Software’s Pixar-like multiplayer shooter, is now free to play. The game will be supported entirely by microtransactions such as character customizations.

You can download the game via your Steam client if you didn’t have it already, or visit to get set up. The game is available on both PC and Mac OSX with cross platform play.

Should we do a Powet Game Night, or what?

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