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Lost Classics: Terminator 2 – The Arcade Game (SNES, Sega Master System, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, Amiga, MS-DOS, Arcade)


Based on the film of the same name, Terminator 2 the arcade game was an excellent arcade blast-em-up that made good use of the license. Taking control of the T-800, players must make their way to the past in order to protect John and Sarah Connor from the liquid metal T-1000. You’ll play through several levels inspired by the movie as you blast dozens of enemies. The SNES version used both the Super Scope and the Mouse, while the Genesis version used the Sega Menacer. It features a few ‘Ahnold’ sound bytes, but other than that, not much was special about the game. That was okay though, it was still fun, and it did justice to its source material.

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Lost Classics: Time Crisis: Project Titan (PS1)

Time Crisis was, and is still a trendsetter in the Arcades. Along with it’s polygonal graphics (which were pretty cutting edge at the time and still hold up well even to this day), the game also added a key innovation to the light-gun genre: the Duck Pedal. When you pressed the pedal, you popped out from under cover ready to take on enemies. When the pedal was depressed, you hid behind a nearby object where you could reload. However, each section was on a strict time limit, so you couldn’t hide underneath forever. When you played the game with another person in the game’s sequel, they played on another screen that was hooked up to the arcade cabinet, and they saw the action from a slightly different viewpoint. This was in contrast to two people looking at the same screen and being forced to take every bullet shot at them like other light gun games have done for years. Time Crisis Project Titan was a PlayStation-exclusive entry in the series. Playing as Richard Miller of the V.S.S.E, you fight to clear your name for the attempted assassination of Cuba’s President. The game contains the series’ signature duck and hide action, and you can even hide in different places by shooting the yellow arrows while the player is hiding. Oh yeah, and if you didn’t get it with the original PlayStation port of Time Crisis, TCPJ comes with a guncon for PS1. Of course it’s painted in a day-glow orange color so police won’t recognize it as a real weapon. Although TCPJ’s graphics were a bit dated at the time compared to the rest of the series, the game is still a fun light gun shooter with a gimmick that’s still clever even today.

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