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LOST: Flight 815’s Crash from all perspectives

Youtube user pyram1dhead has compiled the various events leading up to and during LOST’s famous plane crash, in the style of the show “24” from multiple viewpoints at the same time.

LOST Season 6 starts… wow, seriously, next week? Oh boy, I’m excited! February 2nd!


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Lost Season 5 Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit Review

Lost Season 5 Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit Banner

Watch this video in HD

A review of the 5th season of Lost DVD and Blu-Ray set which is disguised as a Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit. Includes a VHS tape, fake pamphlets, Dharma patches and all kind of cool stuff.

Buy the super expensive set or just the season which is ridiculously cheap:

Read on for tons of deals on seasons 1 to 4 (as little as 10$ a season):
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The LOST Supper: How Important is John Locke?

ABC has released a promotional photo of the cast of LOST mimicking the Da Vinci painting “The Last Supper,” take a look. (click to enlarge)

It could just be a promotional image for the last season of LOST, but I can’t help reading more into it. Kate is seated in place of Judas Iscariot. Will she be the one to betray John Locke? Also, each cast member is in place of one of the 12 Apostles with the exception of Michael Emerson’s Ben Linus who does not correspond to anyone in the original painting.

Also consider the first promotional poster, in which all the cast members are looking forward with the exception of Terry O’Quinn as John Locke, who has his back turned. Compare that to the above, where Locke is the only one looking directly at the camera. Clearly we’ve known for some time he’s a huge part of the show as not only a fan favorite but now deeply rooted in the island mythology since the reveal last season. Will this finally be the year the producers stop pretending Jack Shepard is the star?

While I’m on the subject, enjoy some season 6 promos. No new footage, except a commercial for Mr Clucks, but a nice recap.

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Powetcast Episode 15: SDCC, Marvel, LOST, and DC

powetcast Even though Google’s title graphic by Jim Lee features DC characters, Marvel rules San Diego Comic Con. We talk about the last-ever LOST panel (links to videos included — SPOILERS!), and all the Marvel comics we AREN’T reading… because we’re all reading DC and the Blackest Night right now. Take a listen!

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(What was your favorite San Diego Comic-Con panel? Are you as excited for the final season of LOST as we are? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!)

Show notes after the jump!

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LOST: What?

Its the question thats asked by all. The question that guides the survivors of 815, and confounds them at every turn.

Hopefully an answer will be found when the show returns on April 24.

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LOST: Oceanic Airlines Billboards Arrive

Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 was lost somewhere over the South Pacific on September 22, 2004.

Or at least thats the premise behind the the TV show LOST. And now the show that so dearly loves teasing its fans and with viral sites and meta games has branched out into billboards for the fictional airline that led most of the cast to a mysterious island where they’ve been trapped for 67 days thus far.

The billboards point to a web site:, which heralds the return of the airline to the air. Theres even a press release. Of course watching the little video is interrupted by a man wanting to know what really happened, and links to another site: Find815.

LOST will return with at least 8 new episodes on January 31st in the US on ABC.

From /Film and TV Squad


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LOST: The Video Game

Over at that big ComiCon in San Diego, ABC and Ubisoft released this short teaser for the LOST video game. Don’t see much, but it looks like its all in-engine, not some pre-rendered tease video. Analysis for LOST freaks after the jump.
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LOST: Major Announcement coming May 15

In just 10 days, ABC and the producers of LOST will announce their intentions for the continuation of the show.

A while back we mentioned the LOST series finale already being planned, and that plan has been finalized. Kristen from E! Online (a reliable source for LOST spoilers) says that it could be only 2 more years of the show. This is a great direction to go in because loose threads can be planned out to be tied up now and any new plot elements will have definite resolutions. Thats important for a show with such strict rules on continuity, dense backstories and time lines, and large cast.

However, we may have to wait a while for new episodes after this season has run. ABC is considering a non-stop season much like FOX does with 24. New episodes would air from January to May in 2008. The silver lining is LOST is likely to regain its earlier time slot, shifting back to 9, possibly even 8 PM EST.

This is of course all operating under the assumption that Locke doesn’t blow everyone up on accident or on purpose.


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