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Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

I had seen a trailer for Cloud Atlas not very long ago. I didn’t really understand it, but it piqued my curiosity. There appeared to be some elements of science fiction and adventure involved that appealed to me. From what I had heard it was based on a novel that was supposed to be unfilmable. Several days after experiencing the movie, I am still thinking about it. And I say ‘experience’ because one does not simply watch this movie, you become involved in it. If you like Cloud Atlas, despite its 172 minute run-time, it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with a single viewing.

Cloud Atlas is, in fact, six separate stories set in different eras, but all told in parallel. Initially, the jumping back and forth between six different plots is confusing and disorienting, but as things progress, it becomes increasingly easy to follow since we are not bogged down by any unnecessary elements in the plots. These are fairly terse short stories weaved together with physical and thematic ties. While it is tempting to try and keep track of everything from the outset, don’t. Just sit back and enjoy the film, the pieces will come together as they are meant.

Read on for more details of the plots and my reactions.
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‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ 2nd Trailer

This new trailer for Cap focuses strongly on Steve Rogers pre-transformation. The effects to make Chris Evans not only skinny, but short, are really impressive. He’s almost hobbit sized.

“Forty Six & 2” by Tool is used to great effect. A really amazing tune by an amazing band, the movement of the music kicks in right as Steve is revealed and there are hints of some good fights in the second half of the trailer. And because we need to be beaten over the head with the Marvel cinematic universe, Howard Stark (Tony’s father) is featured and named in this trailer too.

An HD version of the trailer is being hosted by Yahoo.

Why isn’t this movie opening on July 4 for the US Independence day? Will you see it?

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