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Movie Posters: Godzilla (2014)

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Powetcast 128: Strip Club Buffet

We went a bit over an hour this time. In fact, 25 minutes over an hour. I could have easily trimmed the show down to an hour by removing an element of the show, but then you’d miss some golden podcasting.

In this episode, we might have seen The Dark Knight Rises. We definitely talk about ponies, Pacific Rim and Godzilla bringing monsters back, Thomas Jane’s return as Frank Castle, and a discussion about mashed potatoes that has to be heard. What started as an SDCC discussion definitely didn’t end up that way.

Proper The Dark Knight Rises discussion NEXT WEEK on July 26.

Listen live on this page, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.
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Godzilla Criterion Collection Blu Ray Coming January 2012

Criterion is best known for its restorations and re-releases of art films and lost classics. It is with some surprise but also welcoming cheer that they announce their next release will be the 1954 Japanese monster classic Gojira and its US reworking Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Previous Blu Ray and DVD releases had many faults in the digital transfer and its assumed Criterion will do a frame-by-frame restoration.

This will be a must have release for any fan of monster movies or classic film. Its announced release is January 24, 2012. Read on for more details!

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