We went a bit over an hour this time. In fact, 25 minutes over an hour. I could have easily trimmed the show down to an hour by removing an element of the show, but then you’d miss some golden podcasting.

In this episode, we might have seen The Dark Knight Rises. We definitely talk about ponies, Pacific Rim and Godzilla bringing monsters back, Thomas Jane’s return as Frank Castle, and a discussion about mashed potatoes that has to be heard. What started as an SDCC discussion definitely didn’t end up that way.

Proper The Dark Knight Rises discussion NEXT WEEK on July 26.

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Fatboy Roberts – “Knives and Lint”
Nero – “Me And You”

Show notes follow!

My Little Pony @ SDCC: My Little Pony comic by IDW, My Little Pony themed trolley, Convention exclusive Derpy sold incredibly, Season 3 clips
Pacific Rim (2013) and Godzilla (2014)
#DirtyLaundry – http://powet.tv/powetblog/2012/07/16/sdcc-2012-thomas-jane-reprises-role-as-the-punisher-in-fan-film-dirty-laundry/
7-11 Mashed Potato Machine