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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Apples to Apples

The recent passing of Steve Jobs has left us to reflect on how he and his business ventures have affected our lives and the rest of the world. For us retro gamers (at least our age), that means looking back on the Apple ][, Apple //e, and that line of PCs that literally made “computer” a household name. Sean and Vinnk recall a time when “Apple” was still synonymous with “gaming” — before the iPhone, before the Macintosh, and (in some cases) before Nintendo. Also, a history of Apple’s rise to dominance, Steve Jobs’ gig at Atari, and why the original iPod came with free copies of Breakout.

[Listen to the episode after the jump…!]

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for October 2011

A reminder to all collectors! Today is MattyCollector Day. At 12 Noon EST, a whole mess of items will be going up for sale on The list includes:

  • MOTUC Icarius (NA FlipShot)
  • MOTUC Reissue Merman
  • MOTUC Reissue BattleCat
  • Ghostbusters Prop Replica Ghost Trap
  • Ghostbusters 6 inch Ray with Slime Blower
  • DCUC Legion of Superheroes 12-pack
  • DCUC Wonder Woman (Violet Lantern)
  • DCUC The Atom (Indigo Lantern)
  • DCUC Scarecrow (Yellow Lantern)
  • DCUC Lex Luthor (Orange Lantern)
  • DCUC Hal Jordan (White Lantern)
  • DCUC Hal Jordan (Black Lantern)
  • DCUC The Flash (Blue Lantern)

The main ordering page for all these items can be found here.

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Reminder: Last day to purchase MattyCollector subscriptions for 2012


A reminder to anyone interested in any of the Mattel subscriptions on Today is the very last day you can purchase any of the subs. All subscriptions ordered (even if at different times) will have their shipping combined.
This will be your last chance to participate in the following subs:
Club Eternia (Masters of the Universe)
Club Lion Force (Voltron)
Club Ecto (Ghostbusters)
Club Infinite Earths (DC Universe Classics)

Currently the Club Infinite Earths sub is sitting just under 60% of the needed number of subscribers for the line to launch. We will know by midnight whether we have seen the end of the DC Universe Classics line.

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SDCC 2011: Mattel’s Mattypalooza panel

This was the big one for a lot of those following at home. Mattel had some big announcements to make including Ghostbusters, Voltron, DC Universe and most especially Masters of the Universe (MOTU). ActionFigurePics actually got video of the whole presentation (seen above). I will not attempt to summarize in neat bullet point form the contents of the panel after the jump. Get ready because there were some big announcements!

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SDCC 2011: Preview Night – Ghostbusters

There were a few nice items on display that we had not seen before for Mattel’s Ghostbusters line, available only on The new prop replica, following in the footsteps of the PKE Meter, is a ghost trap, available in Fall of 2011. Also on display was Vigo the Carpathian, whom we have not seen before. You can see more photos over at the Fwoosh where these photos originated.

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for July 2011 – MOTUC Clawful, JLU S.T.R.I.P.E. and the All-Star sale

Just a reminder to all you collectors that at noon EST, MattyCollector will have several new items up for sale. This includes MOTU Classics Clawful, JLU S.T.R.I.P.E., and some DCUC Super Powers stands. Today also marks the beginning of the All-Star sale where you can pick up what appears to be overstock of some very popular items including each of the four Ghostbusters figures, Walter Peck, MOTUC He-Man, Skeletor, Battlecat, She-Ra, Trapjaw, Panthor and much more!

Here is the ordering page today’s new offerings.

Here is the ordering page for the All-Star sale.


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SDCC 2011: Mattel Exclusives Announced

Last night, G4’s Attack of the Show got the world exclusive reveal for all of Mattel’s SDCC 2011 exclusives. They were so gracious about the exclusive reveal that they only showed a few of the many items actually filmed while ignoring some of the high profile exclusives including the MOTU Classics item.

Continue on after the jump for the rest of the exclusives with pictures, details, and some commentary!
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Reminder: September MattyCollector Day with Egon, Gygor, and Chief Carnivus

This is your monthly reminder, collectors, that today is MattyCollector day. At Noon time Eastern Standard Time, will post three new items for sale. This month’s exclusives are Chief Carnivus, the MOTU Classics Club Eternia figure for September, Gygor, the MOTU Classics quarterly oversized creature, and finally the Ghostbusters figure, Egon Spengler and a big ol’ stack of books.

Pictures are after the jump.

Remember to go here when refreshing at noon so you can order all items at once and save time.

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