Captain N Cameo in 90210?

In this week’s episode of 90210 we see a background character that looks a lot like Captain N: The Game Master. This jacket seems like a near perfect replica, except for a white instead of black N. Some specific details such as the NES game pad belt and Nintendo Zapper gun are lacking, and his shirt is not the standard yellow, but these may have been omitted because they would have been out of place given the setting…

Captain N in 90210

The setting for this is that Annie convinces Marla to attend a screening of her old movie Pennyfoolish at the Griffith Observatory which somehow means a 1950s/1960s themed party that the whole gang attend.

Captain N Group Shot

So is this appearance intentional or is this just a random coincidence where someone happens to have the exact same coloured Letterman jacket? You decide!

Check out video of the scene below: