News has been flying across the tubes, that during the filming of a scene for Transformers 3, a real police vehicle raced through the set on his way to an emergency, unwittingly putting himself in the path of the Camaro.

3rd St SW is closed for most of the week for filming, but that doesn’t prevent emergency vehicles from traveling through the area. An ambulance passed through the set shortly before the Autobot convoy went into action. A District police SUV trailing the ambulance less than a minute too late collided with the custom Chevrolet that’s used for Bumblebee in vehicle mode. The damage to the front end of Bumblebee is massive and its likely they’ll have to use a double to finish filming this week. No word on if either driver is injured but it appeared to be a relatively low speed hit. Crew quickly covered the stunt car, but not before many tourists and film fans caught photos and video of Bumblebee in bits.

Director Michael Bay was likely uninvolved with the accident, as neither car went airborne or exploded.

Additional clips of the wreck after the jump. Read more from WTTG in DC

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