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Mega Man/Sonic: World’s Unite


Huge multiverse-spanning crossovers seem to be the big theme this summer with DC’s recently concluded Convergence and Marvel’s current event Secret Wars. However, one event you may be missing is Archie Comics’ Mega Man/Sonic: World’s Unite, featuring characters from Mega Man and Sonic, along with Mega Man X, Sonic Boom, and the game libraries of both Sega and Capcom. The sequel to 2013’s World’s Collide, Worlds Unite doesn’t stop with our blue heroes, but instead brings in characters from Street Fighter, Nights: Into Dreams, Breath of Fire III, Alex Kidd, and more to give comic fans the greatest crossover videogame they’ll never play. Check after the jump the see the issue order. With two issues left to go, including next week’s Sonic the Hedgehog 275, you’ll want to catch up on the action.
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Resident Evil 6 Invades Left 4 Dead 2 and Vice Versa


The crossover king Capcom mixed it up with Marvel, slugged it out with SNK, took on Tatsunoko, and had Pheonix Wright take on Professor Layton, and now, they’re going to……vindicate it with Valve? Well, not exactly, but this is almost just as cool.
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